First and most important, let me say that you are certainly one of the most responsive and caring physicians I have worked with, and between my wife’s health problems, and my own, I have worked with over 100 doctors. Your dedication to solving the problem of sleep apnea is obvious. –DG

I have learned more today about my sleep apnea than in all of my previous appointments with doctors combined. Nobody before has ever taken the time to explain sleep apnea, how it starts, and how we can treat it. –AC

Thank you. I really want to thank you. You saved my life with the surgery. –MW

I am snore free! Thank you thank you thank you! (10 years later) You performed a surgery on me 11 years ago, and I am still grateful.  The following is a testimonial for your website. If you are having an issue with sleep apnea, you NEED to see Dr. Kezirian. He saved my life.  I was disabled due to a severe form of sleep apnea, and he convinced the insurance company to give me a surgery they had denied previous doctors 3 times. I was desperate and soon to lose everything I worked for, but he saved me.  I am well now and forever grateful. Thank you Dr. Kezirian. –RL

My wife slept without earplugs for the first time in 30 years because I hardly snored. She was probably louder than I was. –GL

I want to thank you again for everything you’ve done for me. My quality of life is much better than it was. –PW

Regarding your surgery on my tongue, so far so good on this second anniversary of the last procedure. I’m sleeping well. Perhaps one of the best aspects is that the quality of sleep is better. I frequently awake coming out of a vivid dream at the end of the sleep cycle. While on CPAP the quality of sleep was adequate, but not as good. I appreciate all that you did for me…(2 years later) So far so good!  Every day without CPAP is a miracle…(2 more years later) I hope you and family are doing well. I referred my brother in law and one of his friends to you. Both are slow to come around to seeing a doctor. At every opportunity I discuss sleep apnea surgery options that you provide with family, friends and doctors while being careful to note that not everyone is a good candidate.  I’ve continued to sleep without CPAP and will always be thankful for the service that you provided.  (1 year later) CPAP-free since 2014 thanks to you.  Best wishes to your family and you. (2 more years later) Celebrating 7 years CPAP-free! Thank you. (1 year later) 8 years CPAP FREE! Woo Hoo! All thanks to you. (another year later) 9 years CPAP free!–DP

I am doing well, really well. No more fumbling around the house at 4 am trying to work/sleep just being in a fog. My sleep has continued to improve along with my breathing. My wife reports virtually no snoring which is so nice to hear, I ask her about every other day I think did I snore? And she always answers no I didn’t hear anything. It has truly been life changing. I slept for the first time I can remember on an airplane recently and to say I have spent a lot of time in the air would be understatement, but I feel comfortable that my sleeping wont scare everyone around me and that alone is enough to thankful for. The very greatest thing so far is the ability to take a nap or sleep with my toddler without having some strange mask on my face..THANK YOU!!!! The little things in life become so much clearer with age and wisdom. –KH

My wife has no recent complaints about my snoring, even when prompted! So a great success!–DR

I am loving it! Thank God I have this in…I am sleeping like a baby, and believe it or not I am dreaming!! I am feeling great, walking 3 miles a day and feeling awesome…This made my life…I am very happy with the results! I am sleeping great! Dreaming again and able to move on from the cpap! Thank you again for everything, from the very beginning you walked me through the process to see if I was going to be a candidate to installing the device thank you for your expertise! –BH

Thanks again. You really have made a drastic improvement in my quality of life, and I am extremely grateful. I’m sure you hear that often, but it is nonetheless heartfelt. I hope you enjoy being back in Los Angeles! –MN

My brother is a doctor so I understand doctors probably better than average people. You are a great doctor and what every doctor should stride to be. I waited overnight to find the right words. The City of LA is very fortunate to have you. –CL

First of all, I like to thank you for your professionalism and your dedication to the treatment of OSA.  I’m so thankful to have been treated by you.  Although the tongue and palate radiofrequency procedures were painful, it was worth the pain.  Since my two procedures, I have been dreaming every night.  I’m not yawning and dozing off when driving to and from work.  This weekend, we went out of town.  This is the first road trip that I can recall in the past 15 years that I have NOT fallen asleep as a passenger during the 4 hours’ drive to and from our destination. –LL

After the surgery…my life has truly been changed in terms of my energy level, the amount of sleep I have every night, the restfulness of that sleep and has even had a noticeably positive impact on my weight as well. –AK

The surgery really made a world of difference for me so I hope others find it helpful too. Glad to hear you are doing well and continuing the great work. –IE

The surgery was very successful. My wife told me that there is less noise during my sleep and that she sleeps much better with me. –JM

I did not have surgery at UCSF but did see Dr. Kezirian twice in consultation on my care. I love to speak with Dr. Kezirian and am willing to participate in any post surgical studies he is conducting. It’s funny, but prior to ever seeing a surgeon provided by my medical plan, I had gone to the UCSF site that he had designed and printed out the variety of surgical procedures to treat sleep apnea. This was not appreciated by the other surgeon. I’ve had to be an informed and active medical consumer. I feel Dr. Kezirian provides the highest quality of care and service to both his patients and the general public. –PH

Your office was awesome. Great explanations of the procedure, care, follow-up, etc. Just a great experience all around. –JC

Thank you for everything. Every day I think about how you have helped me. I feel better, like a new person. –RR

I like your approach and trust your judgment. –JL

Even though my situation is complicated, he is looking for innovative solutions. –SC

There are no words to express my gratitude and appreciation to you for giving me the very great gift of sleep! Life has changed for me thanks to your amazing surgical skills! I also want to thank you for also being so forthright and 100% honest about the surgery and recovery. Knowing the absolute truth about what to expect aided me tremendously in my recovery. The fact that you were always a quick e-mail away to answer any questions or concerns was invaluable. Your kind heart, availability to your patients, and your unsurpassed surgical skills make you the greatest gift to all patients fortunate enough to cross your path. –CK

I loved your personality and “bedside manner” and found your staff to be more than just personable. They were helpful, friendly, and a joy to know. You were all so wonderful and I felt you were more a friend than just my Doc. I truly enjoyed you. –KM

Thank you for fixing my plumbing. You should give a clinic on how to be a doctor…everything, including how you treat people. –TM

Although I am no longer experiencing sleep apnea, you know how highly I think of you…I had as great an experience as I think I could have had and really appreciated how attentive and responsive you were during it all. –PC

I was very comforted by your expertise and leadership in the sleep apnea surgery field. I appreciated that you were involved in researching better diagnostic tools for sleep apnea surgery, that you had a lot of experience performing the surgery and that you trained other doctors in how to do so. On another note, I am wary of the incentives in fee for service healthcare, so was comforted, prior to making the decision to undergo surgery, when you told me you were salaried :). I appreciated when you gave me direct info on probabilities – I know its always hard to say – but knowing that you thought 80% chance I wouldn’t need a CPAP or oral appliance, 85 – 90% chance I wouldn’t need a CPAP after surgery, etc, was very helpful in my decision-making. I definitely referenced and showed my husband info you had on your site about the various procedures and potential risks, which was helpful. [Another message 9 months later] Thanks so much for checking in. I did have a sleep study, and it came back showing no sleep apnea! We were very happy to hear that! We are happy for health reasons that I do not have to sleep with CPAP. Thank you for all your help and great follow-up care immediately after the surgery! –LB

The treatment you recommended and performed on me had life changing impact. Keep up the great work. –MG

Since my last visit, I have experienced an unprecedented feeling of breathing.  I haven’t had this wonderful feeling for decades.  Thank you for your kindness and superb medical skills.  Thank you for completely solving my nasal congestion problem. –GY

You’ve been more concerned and attentive and taken more of an interest than any previous sleep doctor I’ve had. Your willingness to keep in touch via email is pretty much astonishing. I appreciate that you make these procedures available to ordinary people, not just people with gilt-edged insurance policies. I also appreciate that you realize that being sleep-deprived is psychologically challenging, and that those of us with sleep disorders aren’t necessarily clear thinkers or pleasant company. –OI

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your willingness to answer all my questions, even after my visit in the office. It makes a huge difference so I’m just writing to say thank you. –DR

Thanks again for all you do. You’re making the world a better place! Not a day goes by that I don’t count my blessings, and one of the biggest is good quality sleep and energy to enjoy all that life offers. –KW

You have given me so much of your time and attention. I truly appreciate it. My wife and I have carefully reviewed the information that you gave me and also read the procedures on your website which we found very helpful. I am grateful that you have presented me with so many options. –SO

I just want to say thank you for your help in finding a way to solve my OSA problem. You and your staff were great. –DB

Thank you for your comprehensive and comprehensible consultation! I appreciate your manner and the fact that you are ethical and have integrity. –EF

I wish to thank you for performing the operation. What a surprise! You really are an expert to figure out what to do. –NL

Thank you so much! I feel so much better and am finally dreaming again. It feels so good that all I want to do is sleep! [A letter 6 months later] I wanted to write you a personal letter to thank you for everything you have done to help my severe obstructive sleep apnea. Before coming to you and having throat surgery, my sleep apnea was so severe that every other treatment modality we tried for 6 years didn’t improve it, including every titration possible with CPAP, BiPAP, every type of CPAP mask, and a custom-made oral appliance (to move my lower jaw forward). It’s been at least 28 years that I have suffered with the effects of the sleep apnea, which were severe for me…How can I thank you enough? Words can’t really express it. To be able to dream on a daily basis, feel better when I wake up, and not need several hours to be able to “get moving,” is truly a gift. The improvement of my sleep apnea is a major contributor to my overall health. Thank you again Dr. Kezirian for your expertise, your kindness and your care. Thanks to your office staff and everyone that helped me during your treatment and surgeries. –MH

I am already sleeping better and feeling much better. I was worried about the recovery, but it was really worth it. I am so glad I had the surgery…[4 years later] I will forever be grateful to you for performing the surgery to implant the Inspire UAS device in me. It has made a tremendous difference in my sleeping habits and, more important, in my overall health and well being. –JS

I can’t tell you enough how appreciated your extraordinary communication is, on so many levels. –LF

First, I want to thank you for the time you took with me last week. You have been truly incredible. I am grateful and extremely fortunate to have found someone of your medical stature, standing, and expertise who is also so humble, caring, and confident. –ST

I want to thank you again for all the help you are your staff gave me with the throat surgery and radiofrequency treatments. I couldn’t have asked for a better surgeon or better care at the hospital. –MH

You raise the bar in the medical field. Over the last four weeks you have provided me with the best medical care. However, it’s not only your medical expertise that I am acknowledging here. You were kind, humane, and went an extra a mile to understand and address my concerns. Good job, doc. I hope other healthcare professionals follow in your footsteps…there are two apparent benefits from the surgery. 1. I breathe better and that made me more fit when it comes to running or performing a similar activity. 2. My sex drive has gone up like 5 fold. –AE

I want to thank you and your staff for a very pleasant stay at your facilities. Everyone I worked with was very professional and positive during my stay. Thank you for your help. I am feeling better already. –RR

Thank you again for your help with the surgeries. I am grateful for the improvements you’ve helped me obtain…I was raving to a friend today about how your surgeries have improved my life. –ES

As a new patient I was very impressed with you Dr. Kezirian, as busy as you are, still you took the time to explain what I needed to know regarding my sleep apnea condition. –MS

Please do let me know if there’s ever anything I can do for you. Thanks again for the outstanding care! –GS

I met with you a couple of weeks ago about my sinuses and want to send you a sincere thank you for the care you showed me during my appointment. You took my concerns seriously, spent much more time with me than I expected and gave me some GREAT advice…My nose and sinuses feel like a normal person’s!…Hopefully this will do the trick and you won’t need to see me again ever! But if I do need to see you I know I will be in the best hands possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart (or should I say the deep recesses of my sinuses)! –JL

You are really doing something special here. Every surgeon just wants to do the same thing for the soft palate, but I really appreciate that you look at the different areas. –LP

Again, thanks a lot for all your help, you are a great doctor in every way. –VR

I’m sure you hear this a lot but never get tired of it; hardly a day goes by without my sending grateful thoughts your way. –ES

I have met many doctors in my life, and I just want to thank you because you are the most compassionate doctor that I have ever met. Thank you. –KG

I was referred to Dr. Kezirian by a local sleep doctor who showed me an article discussing an experimental treatment study Dr. Kezirian had worked on. Even though there was no chance for me to participate in the study and Dr. Kezirian had since relocated, he responded to me immediately with a thorough explanation of the study’s progress. He even recommended a doctor in my area in case I couldn’t travel across the state to see him.  I was reluctant to spend so much time and money travelling for medical treatment, but ultimately decided to give him a shot. The local doctors in his field were recommending him to me as the leading expert, and I didn’t want to risk a botched surgery by a less trustworthy doctor in the area. I can say with no reluctance now that those trips were worth it to get direct medical care from an expert specialist. Dr. Kezirian communicated my condition and available treatments to me very clearly, every step of the way. I opted to have some helpful surgery done while avoiding anything that might change my physical appearance. I was already sleeping more soundly immediately following the surgery, and Dr. Kezirian continued to be responsive and helpful.  Years after the surgery, I reached out to Dr. Kezirian for additional, non-surgery help with the treatment options I had turned down. He immediately responded to me with a thorough review of my records (again, from years earlier), as well as an explanation of the oral appliances that could further treat what his surgery had already improved. I am extremely happy with my decision to repeatedly travel across the state to see him and hope you will go see him about your sleep issues as well. –JS

I’m able to sleep without my CPAP and not snore at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! –NA

And would you like me to do a video or something praising your work? It’s been a blessing in my life…Just to give you update I am doing amazing. –BH

I am much improved after having had the procedures. I have not used a machine for over three months. Thanks again. I am grateful for what you have helped me with!!! –CE

I am doing well and the [Inspire Upper Airway Stimulation] sleep system is fantastic. I am now able to sleep 8-9 hours per night and get a good night’s sleep. I feel better during the day and do not fall asleep during the day…I can’t thank you and your team enough. This has make a significant impact on the quality of my life…I just wanted to keep you informed of my progress with the Inspire Sleep system…I sleep like I used to sleep 40 years ago…..fantastic! I now get a solid 7 1/2 – 8 hours sleep and I feel great. No afternoon naps necessary…..I keep on going till it is bedtime. What a difference this has made in my life….I can’t thank you enough. –RS

First of all I’ve been doing really well. My sleep is significantly improved…Since I haven’t been so tired, I have been more receptive to my husband’s romantic overtures. We might just end up in the same bedroom again someday thanks to you. –BT

As always, thank you for being such an amazing doctor and being so, so helpful. –SL

Just wanted to touch base and thank you again.  Almost immediately after the surgery I could already tell that I was sleeping much better, even in the midst of the pain of recovery. When I initially came in for consultation I wasn’t really sure what I was looking for but just wanted some alternative to sleeping with a machine. Now as things are healing up, the results of the surgery are far surpassing my expectations, as I can tell I don’t think I will be needing CPAP at all!  So thank you again SO much for everything! I can tell this quality of sleep will have a profound effect 🙂  –JG

On this first year following my surgery I just want to let you know how I feeling. I am finally sleeping through the night and waking up feeling rested. Thank you! You are the best!  –DL

Thank you for doing a great job on both of my surgeries.  You are highly professional, thorough, caring and always mindful of obtaining the best outcome for the patient, even if that means doing nothing.  –JH and NL

Thank you again for a wonderful surgery experience and outcome.  –GH

I have some fantastic news…you’re a life saver Doctor!…I will highly recommend your practice to anyone I find in a similar situation. On behalf of our whole family, thank you *very* much Doctor Kezirian!  –GW

This was my first ever surgery!  I was very nervous to say the least, but throughout the whole process it went very, very well.  The entire staff at Keck Hospital from the admission to the nurses on 5 South after surgery were all calm, reassuring, and gave me the answers to all my questions.  I really and honestly appreciate the constant checking, double checking, and triple checking of details with me to make sure the information the staff had on hand of my identity and medical information was accurate and correct.  I am very glad and relieved to have had Dr. Kezirian perform the surgery.  I feel very lucky and fortunate to have found him.  I was very stressed throughout it all, and his kind email responses reassured me before and after the surgery.  –Anonymous

I just wanted to thank you (and your staff) for the great care I have received.  In these times it’s getting more and more difficult to find people who are professional and personable.  You have exceeded all my expectations.  The reason I wanted you as my doctor was because of your great reputation and wonderful reviews.  I am glad I made the trip from Las Vegas to see you because you proved them all to be true.  I know of no doctor that personally replies to emails and in a timely manner!  I tell people I think you have clones because I do not know how it’s possible to do all that you do!  My surgery went great.  My incisions are healing beautifully, and most importantly, I’m getting decent sleep now.  I’m feeling better every day, and the 25-year fog is lifting.  I hopeful that things will only get better every day.  Thanks again Dr. Kezirian.  You’re the best!  –TW

I am a little more than two months out now, and I’m absolutely convinced surgery worked for me.  I feel like I did 5 or 10 years ago.  I wake up refreshed, it’s easier to accomplish more with my work day and workouts.  I spend less time in bed overall, yet am certainly more energized.  A couple of observations that are interesting to me, you’ve probably heard them: first, as to dreams, you may recall I mentioned at my post op appointment that I was dreaming every night.  I could not believe how much I was dreaming.  After about three weeks, that tapered off quite a bit.  I do still dream, whereas I don’t recall any dreams in the years before surgery…I am completely satisfied, the results were better than I hoped.  The recovery was very significantly less than I feared.  I am SUPER happy I found you and we did the surgery.  Thank you very much!!!  [Another e-mail almost a year later] It’s been a little over a year since my surgery.  I thought you may appreciate reading an email of another success story!  I wanted to thank you. I have been sleeping so much better and it has had a profound impact. Indeed, I feel 10 years younger than I did.  I can work out like a champ again, I work better, the end of the day is like the beginning, it’s fantastic. I honestly didn’t know how bad I had become. I continue to remember dreams, where I absolutely didn’t before surgery.  I have had some wild ones and enjoy the creativity of my sleeping brain. Lol. I’m glad I did my homework and found you. Please keep up the good work for people like me, it TRULY makes a HUGE difference!!! I hope I am as helpful to my clients as you are to your patients… Thanks again!  –BS

Just wanted to let you know I have been feeling very normal and 100% better since the surgery.   I consistently wake up clear headed, and  really really don’t feel as tired as I had been for the last seven years.  Thank again for everything. –DS

Thank you for giving me my life back Dr. Kezirian, I won’t waste a second of what’s left of it. –RW

Thank you for your surgery.  I feel I am alive now!  –WD

I just wanted to reach out and say happy new year’s and thank you for everything you did for me over the last few years. I do not know at all where I would be without you. I think the condition would have continued to eat at me and I would end up as a shell of my former self.  –NW

Before surgery last year, XXX’s apnea was the worst it had ever been in our 20 years of marriage. He had become so loud throughout the night that it would frequently wake me up from a deep sleep. The mental anguish of listening to him choke throughout the night was only intensified in the day time as I would watch his quality of life decline. It was affecting all areas including work and family life. His eyes would glaze over mid conversation. I was grappling with a lack of hope for things to ever improve. It’s a difficult feeling to come to terms with because in a way, it feels like you are giving up on a person. This might all sound a bit dramatic, but it’s what I felt our reality was. I only tell you all this, to help you imagine our gratitude for the dramatic change we have seen. The outcome of XXX’s surgery has been so wonderful.  When he sleeps, he is quiet! He is present with family, and thriving at work. His life and effectively mine and our childrens have been impacted in an unmeasurable way. How can we thank you for that. It’s impossible. –AK

I wanted to say that my sleep has been phenomenal, and my wife (then girlfriend at the time of surgery) appreciates it a lot. I feel much better every day, and looking back the surgery was very much worth it. Thanks again. –RC

I may have been one of your last surgeries before the pandemic shutdowns…and the results have been phenomenal. Life changing. I cannot thank you enough! And again, a big thank you for a surgery that has given me my life back, at work, at home, in the community, it’s just been amazing. –CP

I wanted to follow up and let you know that my snoring/apnea has completely gone away. I sleep incredibly well. The surgery has truly been life changing. –BM

XXX says I snore much less. My mood is better, I’m more energetic and concentrate better. She says the difference is amazing. I’d have to agree. My concentration and mood are so much improved, and my short term memory is better as well. –GL

Thank you so much. I didn’t realize how important sleep is. My sleep is better. Everything is better. –PR

[After surgery] it is like a light switch was turned on! My husband says that I am back. Thank you. –JE

I just wanted you to know that I slept for [just] about 5 hours last night. I woke up around 6, and my mind was clear and quiet. I am not sure I have ever experienced that. You are changing my life. Thank you. –PY

Dr. K is very professional, an authentic human being. Explained everything in a very simple but professional way. I really love his way of approaching and resolving my medical condition. –SC

Thank you for the incredible attention and care you have given me. You are clearly well regarded for your expertise in your field, but you also have an excellent bedside manner. I never feel rushed when talking with you, and you make sure all my concerns and questions are addressed. You believe in what you do, but you don’t push surgery. Your website is the premiere source of unbiased information in your field that is accessible to patient understanding. You are a gift to your patients and the medical profession overall. –AZ

It’s been many years since you did my sleep apnea surgery…I’d like first to say thank you again for all that you did. I no longer snore, I wake up feeling more refreshed, I have more energy, I’m sure my life was extended, and I probably wouldn’t be married if I still snored like that! Big congratulations to you on ten years at USC and your move to UCLA! That’s a big win for them. I often meet people who have sleep apnea (or think they do) and I always recommend they go see you. I’m not sure any of them ever do, but I’ll make sure to direct them your way at UCLA now. Best of luck to you, Dr. Kezirian! I know you’ll do great things there and keep changing lives.  –JT

I feel the surgery was successful…Thank you so much for helping me and being absolutely amazing physician & surgeon. –AL