Drug-induced sleep endoscopy is one of the most common topics on which I give lectures to other physicians around the world.  Although I like to think that my words are so thoughtful and insightful, I know that the real highlights of these talks are the drug-induced sleep endoscopy videos I show as part of the talks.  Drug-induced sleep endoscopy has shown how different patients with obstructive sleep apnea have different patterns of blockage of breathing, explaining why one treatment may work well in one patient but not another.  These videos are not only amusing (for some reason, watching patients snore does bring a smile to everyone’s faces) but also explain some of the different results we see in sleep apnea surgery.

I have developed this video that I have posted on Youtube discussing drug-induced sleep endoscopy and incorporating these example videos that I hope viewers will find interesting.  In the video, I explain the role of drug-induced sleep endoscopy for patients considering sleep apnea surgery.

UPDATE: I have also made another video discussing the research examining drug-induced sleep endoscopy, including how it can inform decisions about sleep apnea surgery or oral appliances.

I hope you enjoy my videos about drug-induced sleep endoscopy as well as other videos I have posted on Youtube about sleep apnea and snoring surgery.

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