On February 16-17, 2024, we will hold the 29th annual Advances in Diagnosis and Treatment of Sleep Apnea and Snoring course. We are delighted to have an outstanding faculty to speak on what we feel are interesting and provocative topics. As I do every year, I will share what I feel are some of the new insights and findings that impact the field, but I have some questions and would be curious to hear your thoughts on the following questions (and any other thoughts you have related to educational events):

  1. For medical providers, are in-person courses like this preferred over online or hybrid learning experiences? We try to develop content that will appeal to an entire audience, but invariably there will be some topics of greater interest than others. An online or hybrid experience provides flexibility and also avoids the need for travel.
  2. I am frequently impressed by patients’ in-depth knowledge about sleep apnea and snoring. There is – for better and for worse – a large amount of material that is available online, such that patients can learn more about this condition as they explore the consequences and treatment options. While some patients have expressed a desire to attend these courses (it is possible), the question is whether some patients would like to hear certain presentations without committing to the entire event.


Advances in Sleep Apnea and Snoring 2024 171x300 - Will there be a new era of (sleep apnea and snoring) medical education conferences?

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